Build the WeaveVM ecosystem

$350,000 in $WVM allocation for ecosystem developers

Secure $WVM allocation in mainnet for deploying dApps to WeaveVM in the testnet phase

Key ecosystem focuses

We're looking for founders to bootstrap strong DeFi primitives on WeaveVM, and build social/gamefi that's only possible with the power of scalable storage.


Strong DeFi primitives to interact with EVM and Arweave tokens


WeaveVM's storage enables fully onchain text, images and videos at scale


Build complex onchain games that aren't possible anywhere else


Plug other sources of liquidity, identity, and reputation into WeaveVM

Why WeaveVM?

Discover why WeaveVM may be the best new home for your protocol

Limitless storage

With Arweave as a storage layer, WeaveVM solves the EVM storage bottleneck

Bypass the EVM's biggest limitation and unlock totally new use cases. WeaveVM offloads the burden of storage to the most robust permanent storage chain. Store and compute with data of any size, magnitudes more cost-effectively than other EVMs.

EVM / MEM compatible

Deploy and maintain existing battle-tested protocols from Ethereum or Arweave

Low fees, fast finality

WeaveVM doesn't owe fees to the Ethereum L1, so less cost is passed onto the end user